Sexuality & Puberty Education for Kids & Parents  - Company Message
I was a fifth grade teacher at Public School 6 in Manhattan for nine years. Kate Greenberg has been P.S. 6's health educator since 2007. I can confidently say that the health education program run by Kate Greenberg is the most successful one I have ever witnessed. Kate’s program is successful for multiple reasons. First and foremost is Kate herself—she possesses vast knowledge of social, emotional and physical health matters, is incredibly responsive to students, parents, and administration, and is collaborative and plans with teachers to meet individual needs. Kate goes out of her way to ensure that students learn, and she is deeply passionate about health education. The program is also so successful because Kate has designed a curriculum to make sure that all students feel comfortable, respected, and informed at every stage. The hallmark of Kate’s program is openness. Kate has the ability to deliver complex knowledge in a way that is both developmentally appropriate and substantive. She creates lessons which blend hands-on interactive activities, discussion, and straight-forward delivery of information. Kate takes different learning styles into account and every one of her lessons is done with visual aids. She is also extremely responsive to all student questions. All questions which are within the scope and sequence of her curriculum she addressees in a thorough, thoughtful manner, and those questions which are outside of the scope, Kate validates and directs the student to speak with a trusted adult to gain more information. Kate provides a question box for those students who do not feel ready to voice questions in front of the group. At the end of the program, she gives each fifth grader a typed booklet which provides thorough answers to all of the anonymous questions that were put into the box, for students to refer to as needed. She is passionate about providing accurate knowledge in a way that makes all students feel comfortable and informed. As a result, students often express how excited they are for Health with Kate. Kate also ensures that parents feel involved in the entire process. She begins with a parent/guardian information session and repeatedly refers to the need for each student to have a “trusted adult.” In addition, the program is designed to have take-home activities which offer the student a chance to have candid conversations with an adult. Many times, parents have told teachers that these activities launched meaningful discussions with their children that never would have taken place otherwise. Kate also provides her email address and she responds to parent/guardian questions immediately. Kate’s program is sensitive to and values all cultures and lifestyles. Kate is a dedicated, talented, passionate individual. Our school staff values her as an integral part of our community and the students’ transition to middle school. Our students leave our school armed with knowledge and feeling more confident about and prepared for the changes their minds, bodies, and relationships will experience. I give Kate Greenberg's program my highest recommendation. 
Dr. Kelly Boland Hohne - Former 5th Grade Teacher - P.S. 6 - Manhattan
Writer in Residence and Senior Research Associate at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.

What parents are saying:
Fantastic! Kate presents so clearly and simply, and zeroes in on just the right issues. I wish she were a permanent fixture in the school, and I hope that we can get her at my older son's middle school.
Parent- P.S. 6 - Manhattan

The workshop was right on target. Kate is very well versed and helpful. I am thrilled this program is being offered. 
Parent- P.S. 6 - Manhattan

This was such a useful workshop. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you are helping the schools in this area and that you go into the classrooms too to teach the kids about these issues!
Parent- P.S. 89 - Manhattan

You are so good at what you do... patient and present and engaging. Thank you for a very informative and sensitive presentation.
Parent- P.S. 89 - Manhattan

I attended the workshop for parents you gave at our school, and I wanted to tell you that the language you provided us with when talking to our second grader about sex, how babies are made (we'd never discussed it), etc. gave me the push I needed to finally start having conversations with him about these tough topics. Your workshop was so helpful, and gave me the language and info I needed most. Thank you!
Parent- The Peck Slip School - Manhattan