Sexuality & Puberty Education for Kids & Parents  - Company Message
Welcome to School Health Solutions, a program that provides sensitive, relevant and candid workshops for parents and kids about sex, sexuality, gender and puberty.

The puberty education program is designed for 5th graders and focuses on the physical, emotional and social/relational changes that take place during puberty, human reproduction, and personal hygiene.

Talking With Kids About Sex, Sexuality, Gender and Puberty is a workshop for parents with children ranging from ages 4 to 13. This workshop helps parents to examine and clarify their own values about sexuality and to think about the type of sex education they received as kids and teens and what kind of sex educator they would like to be for their children. 

The workshop provides an age-by-age and stage-by-stage guide to talking with your children (including specific language you can use) about sex, sexuality, gender and puberty.